"How to" Videos

Updated January 2013


One of my duties for Northside ISD is to write and teach on-line technology courses. I also help teachers develop on-line lessons or resources for their students. I have been working with on-line courses for 13 years and really enjoy keeping my courses up to date with new technology. One year I had to rewrite a course when I discovered I had a vision impaired student joining my course. I needed more than screenshots on my directions. I went in and added audio bites that described each image and its purpose. While I was at it I decided I really needed to make my site more accessible and I added transcripts of all the videos for hearing impaired students.

I use video/audio in my on-line lessons for students as well as staff development for teachers. The videos are usually embeded within a lesson to help clarify an important concept. My most important tools are Camtasia by TechSmith and Audacity by Source Forge. There is a free screen recorder, Camstudio, that I have used that can replace Camtasia and Audacity is already free. I have also used Photostory and Animoto for some lessons.